The college vision on internationalism states that a college graduate is an educator that is highly qualified to be a leader that shapes the face of education and society according to local as well as global values. The college aims to promote resources for educators to embed intercultural understanding and international awareness within the curriculum. LCE fosters educators who are sensitive, contemplative and critical thinkers, creative, research-oriented leaders, innovators and activists in their community and work environments and beyond, exhibiting a global set of literacies required in the digital era. LCE promotes graduates’ cultural understanding and compassion, their inclusion of minorities and vulnerable populations and their belief in their students’ academic, social and affective abilities and strengths. LCE welcomes preservice and in-service educators who strive to further develop their professional capabilities and broaden their professional opportunities within school boundaries and beyond, in local and global contexts and locations, and in different cultural and religious contexts. In sharing knowledge, skills, and innovation with international partners, we can also generate opportunities to raise education standards both nationally and internationally. As our approach to international engagement is based on partnership, our objective is to foster motivation and engagement within students and staff, to further our international partnerships.