Levinsky College of Education

Levinsky College of Education is a well-established, leading Israeli academic institution that is shaping the face of education and society, and offers high quality education. The college aspires to lead a fundamental change in education and society through research and pedagogical innovation.

Founded in 1912 in Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv, Levinsky College of Education became the first Hebrew teacher-training college.

Levinsky encourages its graduates to strive for professionalism, mindfulness and intercultural sensitivity, social involvement, and the perception of the teacher as a researcher who respects his work as part of his professional life.


The college nurtures sensitive educators, thinkers, researchers, leaders, and initiators who are creative, community activists and leaders in their work environment. Teachers and supporters of education will find a home and opportunities here for development throughout their professional lives.

Founding values

The founding values of the college are respect, liberty, generosity and cultural sensitivity, knowledge creation and sharing, academic freedom and respect for culture and heritage.

From the College President, Prof. Michal Beller

Levinsky College of Education is an academic institution that is recognized by the Council for Higher Education and operates in accordance with the norms of academic freedom, ethics, research and high-quality teaching.

The college offers a variety of academic programs for undergraduate and graduate students, and works to make higher education accessible to future educators while constantly adapting to the rapid changes taking place in society, in interpersonal communication and in ways of learning in changing environments.

The college promotes innovation in education, teaching and professional development, while assimilating technologies and providing exposure to the high-tech digital world. The goal is to train educators to cope with the new world in which our children are growing up, and to teach them to deal with the challenges in creative and interesting ways that change from child to child and are suitable for everyone. For this purpose, the college has established an innovative learning environment that includes a place for simulations and case studies.

The college has a network of renowned academic experts who are leaders in their fields. It continues to establish its status as a center of knowledge and research in its specializations, including early childhood education, special education, musical education, mathematics education, children’s literature, Hebrew language, English language, pedagogy and professional development.

The college is also a high-quality center for continued training and professional development of Israeli teachers and educators throughout their professional lives. At the same time, the college works to make training and professional development accessible to culturally, socio-economically, and medically (special needs) diverse populations.

I am confident that all students who sees themselves as future educators will find a warm home at Levinsky College as a place for acquiring the knowledge and values ​​expected of educators, and methods for their implementation in the Israeli education system.